Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The entire CryptoWalletShop.com.au website including, but not limited to graphics, logos and text remain the property of SHA 256 trading as Crypto Wallet Shop and are protected by copyright and trademark. No content of this website shall be reproduced in any form unless with prior written consent from SHA 256

Fraud Protection

CryptoWalletShop.com.au utilizes multiple fraud prevention policies. Any attempt at fraudulent activity will immediately be reported to the relevant authority in your jurisdiction
Crypto Wallet Shop reserves the right to cancel any orders deemed
suspicious at any time without further explanation.


The laws in relation to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies vary from country to country. Clients must take all care and responsibility to comply with the relevant laws that apply in their jurisdiction. SHA256 and the  CryptoWalletShop.com.au do not condone the violation of any laws and cannot be held responsible for violations that may occur

Limitation of Liability

Crypto Hardware Wallets and associated products offered for sale on our website are carefully designed by experts and professionals to the best of its manufactures’ efforts to ensure its best functions without causing financial loss. All users/customers must fully understand the device(s) operation and follow manufacturers instructions at all times. All customers must be aware that CryptoWalletShop.com.au, its owner(s), staff and related corporations act strictly as a reseller of these products must be relieved from all of the financial loss liabilities due to the use these devices which may cause any losses regardless of the reason. If a user/customer does not agree with these Terms & Conditions they are strongly advised to purchase elsewhere

Order Cancellation/Refund/Returns

All sales are considered final once items have been sent.

Hardware Wallets are considered as security items and are strictly a NON RETURNABLE ITEM.

Orders will only be processed to approved clients. In certain cases additional information may be requested. CryptoWalletShop.com.au reserves the right to cancel any orders deemed suspicious without further explanation. No refunds are offered on transactions made via the CryptoWalletShop.com.au website

Pricing & Payment

Prices are displayed in AU$. Optional payment using Bitcoin and many other popular crypto coins will be offered at the checkout page

Terms Of Use

By placing an order on the CryptoWalletShop.com.au website you agree to the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Terms Of Service provided. Crypto Wallet Shop may at its discretion add, delete or modify the Terms & Conditions. Continued use of CryptoWalletShop.com.au website following changes to the Terms & Conditions implies acceptance of any changes