SecuX W10 Hardware Wallet

SecuX W10 Hardware Wallet


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A CC EAL 5+ certified SE to secure private key and device PIN from attacks.

Tamper-proof firmware preload and upgrade mechanism.

A personalized PIN code or one-time-password to control the access to device or wallet applications.

Randomized digital keypad to avoid following keystrokes.

Physical confirmation for each transaction to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks.

Anti-tamper packaging

SecuX Crypto Currency Support

Bitcoin Cash
ERC-20 Tokens



SecuX Wallet

Micro USB 2.0 to USB 2.0 cable
A quick start guide
A blank recovery sheet

Vault-Grade Protection

Embedded with military grade Secure Element (SE) to safeguard your private key and device PIN code from the attacks.

Cross-platform support on desktop, laptop and mobile devices

Support major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chome OS, iOS and Android.

Multiple Crypto Currency Support

Support major coins and tokens including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, ERC-20 Tokens and more.

Account Recoverability

Fully compliant with BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44, that allows to recover exiting accounts from standard 12, 18 or 24-word passphrase.

Large 2.8” Color Touchscreen

Easy to operate and make physical confirmation of the transactions.





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